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Sportello Opera Universitaria

Via della Malpensada, 140 - Trento
T. 0461 217450

Orario di apertura
da lunedì a venerdì, dalle 9 alle 12 e il martedì e giovedì dalle 14 alle 16.


Servizio di Mediazione culturale
Via della Malpensada, 90
T. 0461 217418
Servizio verifica|controllo Alloggi
T. 0461 217460

Sarà possibile accedere agli sportelli solo su appuntamento tramite l'app, il sistema di regolazione degli accessi alle strutture Opera (sportelli e mense).

Per informazioni sul servizio,
è possibile aprire un ticket attraverso il seguente link:
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1. How can I access the Opera Universitaria facilities?


Opera Universitaria main goal is to support the right to education: for this reason, the priority in the rooms assignment is reserved to students who request accommodation through the Call for application and were found eligible. Every year in June, the Call for application is published on the Opera Universitaria website.

In order to participate, you have to address to a CAF (Help centre for taxes) to ask for the calculation of the ISEE certification for the right to University education (starting from January 1, 2021). If your ISEE threshold is within the requirements stated in the Call, you can apply from the Opera Universitaria website, according to the indicated deadlines.


If your ISEE threshold exceeds the limits indicated in the Call, you can not apply through this way. Every year, after assigning the accommodation to all the eligible students, if there are accommodations available, it is possible to assign them to other students (NOT ELIGIBLE) at a different rate.

If so, you can contact the Accommodation Office in September.

2. Is it possible to choose the type of room?

Accommodations are automatically assigned according to your academic facilities and to room availability on the date of your arrival. When requesting accommodation, it is possible to express a preference by sending an email to the competent office.

We remind you that the accommodations are divided by gender, so there are no accommodations for couples and/or families.

3. Does a student who has already been assigned the accommodation have to reapply every year?

Students who have been assigned accommodation can extend the contract for the following academic year, as long as they have the requirements set out in the Call (the economic condition and merit required for their Department).

The other students (not eligible) cannot extend the contract but must leave the accommodation on August 31st. They will be able to re-apply for accommodation, if available, once the ranking of the eligible students has been exhausted.

4. A student who renews the contract for another academic year, have to pay the security deposit again?

No, the deposit must be paid only at the beginning of the accommodation contract.

5. Can a student taking part in an international mobility program request accommodation at Opera Universitaria?

All students participating in an international mobility program at the University of Trento (Bilateral Agreements, Double Degree, Degree-seeking, EIT, IMSISS, etc.) must apply for the accommodation directly to the International Staff of the University of Trento, who will guide them in requesting accommodation.

6. Can a Ph.D. student or researcher request accommodation in the Opera Universitaria structure?

Opera Universitaria has some accommodation for 1st year PhDs, as agreed with the University of Trento. To apply for the accommodation, Ph.D. students must contact their supervisor at Unitn.

Non-1st-year Ph.D. students can request accommodation directly to Opera Universitaria, which will evaluate on the basis of the availability.

7. When and how does Opera Universitaria return the security deposit?

Opera Universitaria returns the deposit within 60 days from the end of the contract. The amount is credited to a bank or postal account.

The return of the deposit must be requested by filling the form "Return of the deposit" and sending it to the certified email address

8. What are the rules governing the use of Opera Universitaria accommodation?

The rules for the correct use of the accommodation are reported in the "Rules and regulation governing the use of Opera Universitaria accommodation facilities", at this link.

9. How to connect to the Wi-Fi service?

The wi-fi service available to the students is the same in every place of the university (faculties, study rooms and libraries, etc.) under the name of "unitn-x" and "eduroam". Access to the aforementioned networks takes place with the same credentials issued by the University.

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