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Sportello Opera Universitaria

Via della Malpensada, 140 - Trento
T. 0461 217450

Orario di apertura
da lunedì a venerdì, dalle 9 alle 12 e il martedì e giovedì dalle 14 alle 16.


Servizio di Mediazione culturale
Via della Malpensada, 140
T. 0461 217418

Sarà possibile accedere agli sportelli solo su appuntamento tramite l'app, il sistema di regolazione degli accessi alle strutture Opera (sportelli e mense).

Per informazioni sul servizio,
è possibile aprire un ticket attraverso il seguente link:
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1. How can I access the facilities of Opera Universitaria?
Through a call for applications
Opera Universitaria is an institution for the right to study. For this reason, students applying for accommodation by participating in a call for applications and meeting the ISEE and ISPE thresholds are prioritized. For students enrolled in years subsequent to the first year, a merit requirement, differentiated by course of study, is also required.
The call for applications is published each year in June on Opera Universitaria website in the Scholarships section and is intended for:
  - students regularly enrolled at the University of Trento;
  - PhD students regularly enrolled at the University of Trento (if they are not already in receipt of another scholarship, of fees paid for any           reason for the PhD course or who are not on paid leave);
 - Conservatorio di Musica Bonporti, Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici and Trentino Art Academy.
The ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation) and ISPE (Assets Situation) economic indicators can be found in the ISEE certificate for the right to university study, which can be acquired through a CAF. Both indicators must be complied with jointly, subject to the exclusion of the application.
For the academic year 2023/2024, the maximum values allowed by the Call for Applications were as follows: € 25,000 for ISEE and € 50,000 for ISPE.
Other students
If the applicant's financial indicators exceed the limits set out in the Call for Applications, it is not possible to submit the application.
At the end of the allocations to accommodation beneficiaries, the remaining beds will be made available to other students (NOT ELIGIBLE) at a different cost.
In view of what has happened in recent years, the remaining availability is low.


2. Is it possible to choose a specific type of room?
No. The room will be assigned automatically according to room availability and the location of your Department. For specific needs, it is possible to get in touch with the Ufficio Alloggi via ticket.
We remind you that rooms or apartments are divided by gender. So it is not possible to be allocated with partners and/or family. Moreover, it is forbidden to have pets. (See: Article 6(11)(j) of the Provisions for the use of housing services of Opera Universitaria).


3. Rental prices
You can see all rental prices of the current academic year at this link.


4. Does a student who has already been assigned the accommodation have to re-apply every year?
Yes. Students who have been assigned to accommodation can extend the contract for the following academic year, as long as they satisfy the requirements set out in the Call (the economic condition AND merit required by their own Department).
The other students (NOT ELIGIBLE) cannot extend their contract and must leave the accommodation by August 31st. They will be able to re-apply for accommodation, if available, once the ranking of the eligible students has been exhausted.


5. A student who renews the contract for another academic year has to pay the deposit again?
No, the deposit must be paid only at the beginning of the accommodation contract.
After you close your accommodation contract and leave the accommodation, you can ask for the return of the deposit by filling in the specific form and sending it to the certified email address
You will receive your money back on your bank or postal account within 60 days from the end of the contract.


6. Is it possible to end the accommodation contract before its expiry?
It is possible to close the accommodation contract before the natural expiry date indicated in the assignment report, by notifying Opera Universitaria Accommodation Office in writing at least 30 days in advance.
Please note that students must have an active contract of at least 10 months (with Opera or with a private contract) in order to maintain their off-site student study grant.


7. When does the accommodation contract forfeit?
The guest loses the benefit of the accommodation place for:
  - acquisition of the title of the course in which he/she is enrolled (graduation);
Even in this case it is necessary to contact the Opera Universitaria Accommodation Office at least 30 days in advance.
  - transfer to another degree course;
  - permanent interruption of studies.


8. What are the rules of Opera Universitaria accommodation?
The rules of the accommodation are reported in the "Rules and regulation governing the use of Opera Universitaria accommodation facilities", at this link.


9. What are Opera's other benefits?
University students who meet the income and/or merit requirements set out in the Call for applications are entitled to apply for the scholarship, tuition fee waiver and study fee waiver. We ask other students to consult the Call for more details.


10. How to connect to the Wi-Fi service?
The wi-fi service available to the students is the same in every place of the university (faculties, study rooms and libraries, etc.) under the name of "unitn-x" and "eduroam". Access to the aforementioned networks takes place with the same credentials issued by the University.

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