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Opera Universitaria desk

Via Malpensada, 140 - 38123 - Trento
It will be possible to access the counter by appointment only through theOpera4U app, the new system for regulating access to the Opera Universitaria facilities

From Tuesday 16 March 2021, it will no longer be possible to book an appointment "in person". The service will remain active only by telephone at 0461 217450

Opening hours

Monday to Friday, 9 to 12 am
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2 to 4 pm


Student services


Email sectors

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Contact person Assignment Email Phone
Agostini Carlo CED 0461.217487
Baggia Franca General Services -
Protocol 0461.217423
Bellotti Nicoletta Financial organization -
 Income 0461.217438
Bonivento Monica General services -
Agreements 0461.217477
Botteri Giacomo Financial organization -
 Income 0461.217439
Bruseghini Marcella Student services -
Scholarship 0461.217480
Busana Elisabetta General services -
Agreements 0461.217468
Cabas Paola Property assets 0461.217460
Calliari Maria Grazia Student services •
Communication\150ore 0461.217440
Carta Lucia President secretary 0461.217492
Casagrande Elisa General services -
Agreements 0461.217467
Controllo Alloggi Property assets - 
Accommodation inspection service 0461.217415
Dalla Torre Maria Pia Student services -
Scholarship 0461.217469
Daprà Fabio CED 0461.217436
Defant Susanna Financial organization 0461.217430
Ferrari Marco CED 0461.217419
Fontana Paolo Director 0461.217421
Frigotto Maria Laura President 0461.217409
Gasperinatti Guido Property assets -
Maintenance 0461.217485
Giovannini Omar Property assets -
Maintenance -
Lenzi Roberta Financial organization 0461.217417
Longo Carmen Property assets 0461.217484
Maistrelli Manuel Property assets 0461.217476
Martinelli Sandro Property assets 0461.217422
Pigarella Tiziana Financial organization -
Outcome 0461.217448
Pezzi Rosanna Student services - accommodation 0461.217453
Poletti Elisa Property assets 0461.217449
Poli Barbara Servizi agli studenti -
Alloggi 0461.217427
Pompermaier Andrea Property assets 0461.217424
Spagnolli Federica Financial organization -
Outcome 0461.217459
Tamanini Eric Property assets -
Tommasini Renata Student services -
Cultural activities 0461.217445
Verones Cristina Student services - Scholarship 0461.217465
Vettori Michele Student services -
Accommodation 0461.217457
Vicentini Emanuela General services -
Presidency - Direction 0461.217432
Voltolini Gianni Property assets 0461.217413
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