Opera Universitatia Desk

Via Malpensada, 140 - 38123 - Trento

Opening hours
Monday to Friday - from 9 to 12 a.m. and
also on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 to 4 p.m.

It is possible to book access to the counter through the app


Student services


For information on services,
you can open a ticket through the following link:
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Other contacts



Contact person Assignment Email Phone
Amico Irene 
President office iamico@operauni.tn.it 0461.217484
Baldo Lorenzo Property assets - Maintenance lbaldo@operauni.tn.it  0461.217424
Bellotti Nicoletta Financial organization - Income nbellotti@operauni.tn.it 0461.217438
Bruseghini Marcella Student services - Scholarship mbruseghini@operauni.tn.it 0461.217480
Busana Elisabetta General services - Agreements - service Manager ebusana@operauni.tn.it 0461.217468
Carta Lucia President office lcarta@operauni.tn.it 0461.217492
Casagrande Elisa General services - Agreements ecasagrande@operauni.tn.it 0461.217485
Chizzola Elena General services - Agreements echizzola@operauni.tn.it 0461.217408
Dalla Torre Maria Pia Student services - Scholarship mdallatorre@operauni.tn.it 0461.217469
Daprà Fabio CED fdapra@operauni.tn.it 0461.217436
Defant Susanna Financial organization - service Manager sdefant@operauni.tn.it 0461.217430
D'Elia Giovanni General services - Agreements gdelia@operauni.tn.it 0461.217499
Di Piazza Lavinia Student services  ldipiazza@operauni.tn.it 0461/217440
Ferrari Marco CED mferrari@operauni.tn.it 0461.217419
Filippi Roberta Student services - 150 hour rfilippi@operauni.tn.it 0461.217465
Frigotto Maria Laura President presidenza@operauni.tn.it 0461.217409
Gelmini Valentina General Services - Protocol vgelmini@operauni.tn.it 0461.217496
Grandi Michela Property assets  mgrandi@operauni.tn.it 0461.217477
Lenzi Roberta Student services - staff service rlenzi@operauni.tn.it 0461.217417
Longo Carmen Property assets clongo@operauni.tn.it 0461.217493
Maistrelli Manuel Property assets mmaistrelli@operauni.tn.it 0461.217476
Martinelli Sandro Property assets - service Manager smartinelli@operauni.tn.it 0461.217422
Mazzi Giuditta Student services - staff service - service Manager gmazzi@operauni.tn.it 0461.217431
Nicoletti Michela Financial organization - Outcome mnicoletti@operauni.tn.it 0461.217475
Paternoster Elisa General Services - Protocol epaternoster@operauni.tn.it 0461.217427
Pezzi Rosanna Student services - accommodation rpezzi@operauni.tn.it
Pigarella Tiziana Financial organization - Income tpigarella@operauni.tn.it 0461.217448
Pizzimenti Domenico Property assets - Maintenance dpizzimenti@operauni.tn.it -
Poletti Elisa General services - Agreements epoletti@operauni.tn.it 0461.217449
Ress Michela Property assets mress@operauni.tn.it 0461.217487
Sartori Viola Property assets vsartori@operauni.tn.it


Spagnolli Federica Financial organization - Outcome fspagnolli@operauni.tn.it 0461.217459
Tamanini Eric Property assets - Maintenance  etamanini@operauni.tn.it -
Tomasini Giorgio Property assets  gtomasini@operauni.tn.it 0461.217407
Tommasini Renata Student services - Cultural activities rtommasini@operauni.tn.it 0461.217445
Vettori Michele Student services - Accommodation mvettori@operauni.tn.it 0461.217457
Vicentini Emanuela General services  evicentini@operauni.tn.it 0461.217432
Voltolini Gianni Director gvoltolini@operauni.tn.it 0461.217421
Zanei Giorgio Property assets - Maintenance gzanei@operauni.tn.it -
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