Room inspection activity

Room inspection activity

Room inspection service allows checking the state of cleanliness and maintenance of the accommodations.

This service, managed by the Heritage Area, is carried out by Opera Universitaria staff with the cooperation of 150 hours students or auxiliary personnel.

How does it work

Once a month Room Inspection Office operators carry out an “ordinary inspection” of each accommodation to verify its conditions of tidiness and cleanliness. if the “ordinary inspection” turns out to be inadequate, Room Inspection Office staff will carry out an “extraordinary inspection”  within 7 days from the first inspection. If the second inspection turns out to be inadequate too, the institution will charge the guest the cleaning fee necessary to restore the state of cleanliness of the room.

These inspections allow the institution to ensure good management and maintenance of its structures.

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Via Malpensada, 90 - Trento

For questions about the results of the inspection activity, please contact the Mediation office
Via Malpensada, 140- Trento
T. 0461 217418

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