Bike Rental service

The bicycle rental service is reserved for Opera Universitaria guests. It is possible to borrow a bicycle free of charge for the period of time that you are using the accommodation.
The bicycle borrowed free of charge must be returned in perfect condition by the borrower, who, in the event of loss or damage, must reimburse the cost of repair or the full value of the bicycle, which is € 140.00. Maintenance is the responsibility of the user. If the bicycle is stolen, a report must be made (to the Police Headquarters, the Carabinieri or the Trento Municipal Police) and the full value of the bicycle (€ 140.00) must be refunded.
If the bicycle is found in good condition, Opera Universitaria will refund the amount paid. The user will be held directly responsible for any damage to the bike or to third parties caused by improper use of the bike.



Accommodation office
Via della Malpensada, 140
T. 0461 217450

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 
9 to 12 am
Tuesday and Thursday
2 to 4 pm

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