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Students who live the university experience in Trento represent an important potential for our territory, in terms of creativity, skills, innovation.

Opera Universitaria supports every intervention that arises from the students' desire to create culture, to organize events, to think about creative ways to meet other students and dialogue with the territory: this is for us the concrete way to create a student community.

Ateneo dei Racconti and Suoni Universitari are an example of this virtuous dialogue between Opera, students, organized in Associations, and other Institutions: two events that, over time, have grown, have involved more and more people, to become key moments of the cultural activity of our organization.

Other fruitful collaborations are those with the University of Trento, for the realization of the Theater and Science Festival Teatro della Meraviglia and the Women D theatre review, the Oltrefersina District to host cinema, theatre and cultural events and reviews at the Sanbàpolis Theater.

And finally the relationship with the Municipality of Trento, for the realization of the Cinema in Cortile review and for the sharing of other cultural itineraries through the Centro Musica and the Centro Teatro CT Olmi 24. .




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