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1. What is the Student Card?

The Student Card is the pass to access the catering service at university canteens and cafeterias.

Students enrolled at the University of Trento, at ISIT, at the Trentino Art Academy, at the Conservatory of Trento and students enrolled in university and post-graduate health courses held in the province of Trento can collect their Student Card by going PERSONALLY to the Opera desk in via Malpensada 140, during the following hours: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and also Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Access to the desks is allowed only by appointment through the OPERA4U app, the new system for regulating access to Opera facilities (desks and canteens).

2. How can I use the student card?

The student card is an electronic purse: it must be recharged at the canteens T. Gar, Mesiano and Povo. Gar, Mesiano and Povo 1 canteens and the minimum amount will have to be € 10,00.

The card is strictly personal. When requesting a duplicate, Opera will check the remaining credit on the lost Card, which will be immediately recharged on the new Card. Any credits remaining after graduation or interruption of the university career for any reason whatsoever will NOT be reimbursed.

3. What are the advantages of the Student Card?

Holders of the Student Card can access university canteens and cafeterias at the following rates: full meal € 4.90 - quick meal € 3.10 - reduced meal € 4.40 - snack € 3.10.

4. What should I do if I lose my student card?

If your student card is lost or stolen, you can request a duplicate by filling in the appropriate form.

If you have lost your card or it has been stolen without being reported, you must make a bank transfer of € 13.00 to Opera Universitaria.

The request for a duplicate can be made at the Opera Desk (via della Malpensada 140) during opening hours. Be sure to bring the receipt of payment with you.

5. Can I go to the canteen in complete safety, without the risk of crowds?

Yes, because the access to the canteen is only allowed after you have booked your place through the Opera4U app, which allows you to regulate the flow of people entering, thus avoiding dangerous crowds. The app allows you to choose the restaurant, the day, the meal (lunch or dinner) and the time slot for access.

6. What procedures has the organisation put in place to guarantee my safety?

The actions put in place to ensure everyone's safety are:

  • Social distancing (reservation of the time slot for access, signs on the floor inviting people to keep their distance, reduction of tables and chairs in the dining rooms, signalling on the table of unavailable places);
  • Sanitisation and cleaning (positioning and obligation to use hand sanitising gel at the entrance to the restaurant, intensification of the processes of sanitising tables and chairs, with a frequency such as to guarantee the cleaning of the space occupied between one customer and another, obligation to use the mask and disposable gloves for all work phases for catering service operators);
  • Reducing the risk of contagion (introduction of single-dose condiments, vegetables, sweets and fruit prepared in protected single doses and ready to be picked up independently - with the obligation to wear gloves - or delivered by our staff, delivery of bread to the user by the catering service operator, creation and display of specific signs on hygiene practices to be maintained).
7. Is it possible to bring lunch from home to eat in the canteen?

No, the dining rooms are reserved for users who buy their meals in the university restaurant.

8. How does take-away work?

The user, through the Opera4U app, from the dedicated section (Consumption Reservations) can book the takeaway service. He/she will choose the pick-up location and the time slot, while the dishes can be decided at the time of pick-up.

9. Is it possible to request changes to the menu?

Variations are only possible in the case of food intolerances. Through the Opera4U app it is possible to view the menu and the allergens foreseen in the individual dishes.

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